ski tie fonts

Personalised Custom printed Ski Straps, Ties & Carriers

We’ve been printing custom ski straps, ties, and carriers for over 6 years now and they’ve proved to be one of our most popular gifts. The ties and straps come in pairs and can be printed with any name or slogan you like in a variety of fonts and colours.

Ski ties are great for school trips and rental skis – fasten a tie on either side of the foot binding and you can easily pick out your skis from the hundreds on the rack! Our custom ski straps are really handy if you own your own skis – they have a hard wearing rubber pad to go inbetween the skis to protect them when carrying or storing. And our┬ácustom ski carriers make it easy and hands free to actually get to the slope!

We print for schools and clubs too so get in touch with Sarah if you’re planning a trip with a few of you as we offer great discounts for larger orders!